Discover how strategic assessments can lay the groundwork for a successful migration plan, allowing you to proactively identify potential risks and optimize your migration process, enabling your teams to reap the rewards of cloud sooner!

We'll share valuable insights, resources, and expert recommendations to ensure your shift to cloud starts with confidence and clarity.

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About the speakers

1716532367-4a3b3e8db00b6c24 Mark Lang
Senior Strategic Engagement Manager, Atlassian

Mark is a Senior Strategic Engagement Manager at Atlassian with 8 years of experience as a Jira and Confluence Administrator. After several years of migration experience as a customer, he joined Atlassian to help other Enterprise Customers navigate their journey to the Cloud. Mark is passionate about using data to drive transformation decisions to improve customer experience with our Atlassian Products.

1716532369-9810ee5d1314870a Ali BenCafu
Product Manager, Atlassian

Ali is a Product Manager on Atlassian's Cloud Migrations product team, leading the development of the Migration Assessment toolset. Assessments empower enterprise customers to make data-informed migration decisions to make the most of their move to our cloud products.

Ali is passionate about creating large-scale impact, and he found his way to fulfill this passion by building products to enable enterprises to leverage their data for large-scale transformations, improving employees' ways of working. Over the last 6 years, he has been building enterprise solutions to move and process large-scale data across systems, enabling such transformations.

1716532370-bcb49266ab789b83 Casey Chatman
Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian

Casey, a product marketing manager on Atlassian's Enterprise & Migrations team, supports enterprise customers throughout their journey to cloud. With a passion for customer success, she joined the team to help customers drive lasting change for how their teams work and collaborate. Currently, she's dedicated to empowering enterprises to make data-informed decisions early in their migration to reduce potential risk and accelerate value realization in cloud. When not thinking about go-to-market strategy, you can find her covered in mud at her pottery wheel.

1716532401-98c46e6eb58e60f7 ServiceRocket Inc

Since 2003, our Atlassian expertise has enabled thousands of enterprises to reduce complexity and empower users. From software adoption to platform expansion, our Tech and Platform services allow them to better focus on their business.

A Platinum Solution Partner based in Palo Alto, California, ServiceRocket delivers agile at scale solutions and is an Atlassian ITSM Specialized and Cloud Specialized Partner. With global reach across EMEA, APAC and the Americas, skilled Rocketeers implement DevOps, SAFe™, ITIL, customer support and education solutions for our partners and customers worldwide. Visit for more information.

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